30 Mar 2015

Community Council meeting - April

The next Community Council meeting will be held on TUESDAY 7th April in the Community Centre at the usual time of 8.00pm.

The agenda for the meeting is available here, and minutes of the last meeting are here.

28 Mar 2015

The Future of the Parish Church

From Fiona Ogg:

It’s been nearly two years since the problems of the church building were first highlighted to the community and the community questionnaire responses were taken into account when the Kirk Session made the decision to try to restore the building.

Using various building reports as guidance, a programme of work was formed and the work on the west wall was the first stage of restoration. Over last summer, various fundraising efforts helped to pay for that. The efforts of the local and far-flung communities, and visitors, were much appreciated and we give thanks for that.

Since then more structural and internal problems have come to light. In the short term, the Restoration Fund falls far short of covering the overall costs. It might be possible to attract grants and further donations to complete the works, and that would be fantastic. However, even if that were possible, in the long term, the day-to-day running costs of maintaining the building and ministry are in excess of income. This is not an introduction to a plea for further financial support but a painful admission of the reality of the situation.

The Kirk Session and Minister have met with members of Lochaber Presbytery and all parties will be consulting with the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland who have the ultimate responsibility for the resources that are buildings and finance. With their help, it is hoped to have a formal feasibility study to produce a realistic plan for the future of the church congregation.
It must be stressed that this does not mean the end of the Church of Scotland in Kilchoan. What is does mean is that the future of building is in doubt. Alternatives that may be considered under the Feasibility Study could include worship moving to the Community Centre, or the sale of either the remaining glebe including the manse, or perhaps the sale of the church building. Many proposals will be looked at before final decisions are made.

Although this presents many challenges for the congregation it also presents many opportunities. Whatever happens, the congregation and minister will continue to be an integral part of the life of the community and to show the love of God, as Christ did, to all around them.

Fiona is Minister to the linked parishes of Acharacle & Ardnamurchan.

25 Mar 2015

Clare Holohan Visit

I have appointments available for herbal medicine and massage treatments in Kilchoan on Monday 20th April if anyone would like to make an appointment.

Clare Holohan, BSc (Hons) MNIMH
Medical Herbalist, Massage & Aromatherapist

Sunday Service



The service on Sunday 29th March will be at 2.00pm and will be led by Rev Fiona Ogg.

19 Mar 2015

Kilchoan-Tobermory Ferry Service Disruption

Revised timetables are in place for Kilchoan-Tobermory crossings tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday - details here.

Community Council minutes

The minutes from our March meeting are now available here.

Please note that the next WACC meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th April at 8.00pm in the Community Centre.

18 Mar 2015

Sunday Service



The service on Sunday 22nd March will be at 11.00am and will be led by Rev Fiona Ogg.

17 Mar 2015

Food Hygiene Course

There is a 1 day Elementary Food Hygiene Course running in Kilchoan Learning Centre on Wednesday 22 April from 9.30am – 5.00pm. This course meets the basic requirements for all those who prepare and/or serve food to members of the public. Environmental Health require that all food operatives are appropriately trained and they recommend that the course is repeated every three years. 

The course fee is £90.  The course is eligible for ILA (Individual Learning Account) so you can pay the fee with your ILA if you have one.

If you would like to book a place please contact me as soon as possible, as places are limited. Please can you also let me know how you will be paying for the course. If you are paying with an ILA and it is already approved, please let me have your ILA number. (It is in the top right hand corner of any ILA correspondence that you have received.)

Pat Glenday
Rural Learning Manager - West Highland College UHI - Kilchoan
Colaiste na GĂ idhaeltachd an Iar OGE - Cille Chomhain
Work (Direct Dial) 01397 874260
Email: pat.glenday.whc@uhi.ac.uk

16 Mar 2015

WAGS Talk & Presentation

West Ardnamurchan Gardening Society

Monday 30th March @ 7.30PM in the KCC

"Riding The Rails to Istanbul"

Talk and Presentation by Ilanora Sharp

Non Members Most Welcome

Annual Village Clean-Up

Kilchoan Community Clean-up, Easter Sunday 5th April 2015.

Please come and support our annual village clean-up. Come for 10 minutes or for a couple of hours, every extra pair of hands helps.

It’s amazing what a difference it makes to the village.

Meet at the shop at 12 noon, slightly later start time than normal.

Gloves and bags provided and the plan is to finish up at the Pub around 2pm for well-deserved refreshment.

12 Mar 2015

'Free Corran Crossing' Claims Fares Victory

Corran Ferry campaigners have claimed a major victory today following a Highland Council climb-down on a threatened 13% increase on the lifeline Lochaber crossing.

A meeting of the full Council today voted through a 2% increase for one year only, despite originally pushing for a 13% rise over three years. The original rise proposal was previously unexpectedly defeated with local councillors from both sides of the council chamber leading the dissent. This led to a Motion of Amendment at full council which could have led to the increases being forced through.

The Corran Ferry is the busiest service in Scotland, and the only one run by Highland Council. Currently, the council charges nearly £8.00 for a single 500-metre crossing. It connects many far-flung, fragile rural and island communities on the Ardnamurchan peninsula and beyond who would otherwise have to resort to an additional 45 mile drive, much of it on dangerous single-track road.

Campaign convenor, local community councillor Tony Boyd, said, “Highland Council are at last listening to local people and realise that fragile communities with significant areas of rural deprivation cannot continue to suck up the incessant increases being imposed on a service which is our main connection to the outside world.

“Both council and government are duty-bound to support the infrastructure of outlying areas, and we see this as an opportunity now for Highland and the Scottish Government to work with these local communities and take a proactive role in creating a secure, imaginative and sustainable future for the crossing.

“We applaud our local councillors for coming together to defend their own communities, and we look forward to a constructive dialogue with Highland Council and the Scottish Government, as has been promised.

The Free Corran Crossing campaign has been fighting for the Loch Linnhe lifeline crossing to be declared a part of the national trunk route system, a move which would render the service free of charge. The service connects the communities of Ardnamurchan, Morvern and the islands of Mull and Iona to the rest of the mainland, and has seen four price hikes over the past three years, all massively above inflation. 2014’s increases of 25-40% led to the formation of the campaign.

11 Mar 2015

Sunday Service



The service on Sunday 15th March will be at 2.00pm and will be led by Rev Fiona Ogg.

After the service, the Stated Annual Meeting will take place.

4 Mar 2015

Sunday Service



The service on Sunday 8th March will be at 11.00am and will be led by Rev Fiona Ogg.

3 Mar 2015

World Day of Prayer


Ardnamurchan Parish Church 10.30 am

On Friday, March 6th an estimated 3 million people – men, women and children - in over 170 countries will gather to observe the World Day of Prayer, using an order of service written by Christian women from The Bahamas and translated into over a 1,000 different languages and dialects. In the British Isles alone over 5,000 services will be held. The day will begin when the sun rises over the island of Samoa, and continue until it sets off the coast of American Samoa some 35 hours later.

The theme of the service, ‘Jesus said to them, "Do you know what I have done to you?"' is taken from St. John’s Gospel, chapter 13 (the account of Jesus washing his disciples feet) and challenges us to demonstrate the same radical, unconditional love for others that Jesus showed.

1 Mar 2015

B8007 Camas nan Geall road closures

We have been advised that the B8007 is to be closed between Ardslignish and the Tor na Moine bridge to allow repair work to be carried out on the landslip at Camas nan Geall.

The closure dates and times are as follows:

Monday 23rd March to Friday 10th April
from 9.00am - 12.30pm and from 1.30pm - 3.30pm (Monday to Friday only!)

(excluding the Easter weekend bank holidays when the road will be open).