28 Apr 2013

Community Council Ordinary meeting agenda

The next ordinary meeting of the Community Council will be held following the AGM on Monday 6th May. The agenda is available here.

Community Council AGM Agenda

The West Ardnamurchan Community Council AGM will be held on Monday 6th May at Kilchoan Community Centre at 8.00pm. The agenda is available here.

24 Apr 2013

Sunday Service



Sunday 28th April

The service this Sunday will take place at 2.00pm, and will be conducted by Rev. Fiona Ogg.

21 Apr 2013

West Ardnamurchan Community Development Company membership

The Community Development Company was set up last year to look after the new Community Park. As that project is now nearing its’ final stages there is scope for the Company to take on new project(s).

If you have any ideas that you would like to see taken forward or would just like to lend your support to the Company, you can become a member by emailing your name, address and telephone number to: info.wacdc@gmail.com. Paper forms will also be available in the Community Centre. 

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the Company (i.e. both residents and non-residents of West Ardnamurchan). No financial commitment is needed unless the Company is wound up, at which time members would have to contribute the grand sum of £1. 

A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association is available here.

Community Council Minutes

The minutes of the April Community Council meeting are available here.

The next meeting on May 6th (8.00pm) will be the Annual General Meeting

Hope to see you there

17 Apr 2013

Sunday Service



Sunday 21st April

The service this Sunday will take place at 11.00am, and will be conducted by Rev. Fiona Ogg.

10 Apr 2013

Sunday Service



Sunday 14th April

The service this Sunday will take place at 2.00pm, and will be conducted by Rev. Fiona Ogg.

9 Apr 2013

Open Afternoons at the Parish Church

Click on poster to read it.

Community Council Meeting

A personal comment on last night's meeting:

1. The meeting started with a presentation by Donald Houston of Ardnamurchan Estate.

Wind Turbine:  Most of the work on the road between Mingary Pier and the turn off to Beinn Buidhe where the turbine is to be located has now been completed.  This is to allow access for a 70 tonne crane which is coming by barge from Oban.  The parts for the turbine will be arriving by road across the Corran ferry.  All this will be happening between 15th and 17th April, and it is hoped that there will be minimum disruption to other traffic.

Adelphi Distillery: Good progress is being made with the build.  The 2.5% ownership by the community has been vested with the Ardnamurchan Trust for the time being, but can be moved elsewhere if a better suggestion is made.  Price Albert of Monaco visited the distillery with his wife over the weekend to plant a tree and dedicate a bench to Maggie MacKinnon.  The community was represented at the ceremony by WACC's Chairman, Rosie Curtis.

The Ardnamurchan Trust:  This was set up to benefit the young people of the community.  Jessie Colquhoun and Donna Cameron are trustees.  It owns Dale Cottage and the Kennels, both of which are currently being refurbished and have been let, and the main house, where refurbishments will follow.  The Trust recently bought Achnaha.

Mingary Castle:  A recent survey showed that the main curtain wall on the sea side is in imminent danger of collapse, so work has now been put in progress to stabilise the wall by underpinning it.  Work starts this week.  Historic Scotland has given permission for the first steps to be taken to completely refurbish the whole building.  After preliminary archaeological work has been done, and the interior excavated, decisions will need to be made about the use to which the castle will be put, and then whether to go ahead and apply for planning permission.  Options include some sort of heritage/visitors centre, or letting as 'apartments'.  The main problem, as always, will be obtaining finance, as this sort of work is extremely expensive.  All work is being undertaken by a Mingary Castle registered charity which has already been established, the purpose of which is to build in a cash flow so the castle can be maintained into the future.

'Ardnamurchan':  The idea of applying for EC 'Protected Designation of Origin' for the area of Ardnamurchan was floated.  In particular, it would protect the designation of produce such as fish, meat, cheese and other products while at the same time enhancing their value as premium products.  This is something that the community would have to push through.

2.  NHS Matters:

Jac, Rosie and Davie met with Elaine Mead recently and obtained a promise that a full evaluation of the changes that have occurred over the last two years would be undertaken and completed by June.  While this will be difficult because it is being done retrospectively, it is felt that it is an important exercise and a chance for the community to express views on what has happened.  The production of a more informative, educational leaflet explaining to the community which services can be accessed, and how, is still to happen.

Dr Gartshore's Mallaig practice formally took over the Acharacle practice on 1st April but they will not become active for some months.  It is hoped that, when this happens, there will be further improvements in what is now a much healthier NHS service on the peninsula.

A concern was expressed over the method being used to hand out prescriptions.  Again, when Dr Gartshore takes over, this may all change, but the Chairman expressed the community's sincere thanks to those volunteers who have been running the service voluntarily for the benefit of the community.  Another concern was that the Lochaber Nurses are not available every weekday as was promised - Thursday seems to be a particular problem day.  The Chairman promised to raise this by email with Elaine Mead.

3.  Playpark:

Highland Council officials came to inspect it as part of the process of adopting it, and asked for some alterations to be made, which will be done shortly.  The playpark should be open to children early in May, and a formal opening should take place towards the end of May.

6 Apr 2013

Community council meeting - Monday 8th April

A reminder that this month's Community Council meeting has been rescheduled for Monday 8th April at 8.00pm. The agenda is available here.

3 Apr 2013

Sunday Service



Sunday 7th April

The service this Sunday will take place at 11.00am, and will be conducted by Rev. Fiona Ogg.

1 Apr 2013

Community council meeting CANCELLED


The meeting is rescheduled for
Monday 8th April at 8.00pm

Apologies for the short notice