29 Mar 2013

Community Garden

Community Garden Special General Meeting

Monday 15th April 5.30pm

at the Sonachan Hotel

The Community Garden welcomes new members

Sunday School Coffee Morning

Sunday School Coffee Morning

Monday 1st April

10.30am in the Community Centre


27 Mar 2013

Easter Sunday Church Service



Sunday 31st March
Easter Sunday

The communion service this Easter Sunday will take place at 11.00am, and will be conducted by Rev. Fiona Ogg.

26 Mar 2013

Community Council Agenda and AGM date

The agenda for our April meeting is available here.

Please note the subsequent meeting on May 6th with be the Community Council AGM

25 Mar 2013

Annual Kilchoan Clean-Up

11am at the Jetty slipway by the Ferry Stores

 April 1st (no jokes please)

Bags and gloves provided

Plan is to finish up at the Pub at 1.00pm

23 Mar 2013

West Ardnamurchan Community Garden

The West Ardnamurchan Community Garden is situated on the lighthouse road opposite the Sonachan Hotel. Founded in 2010, the community garden grows vegetables and fruit for the people living in West Ardnamurchan and the many visitors to this beautiful area.

The garden is maintained by volunteers and overseen by a part-time ‘Grower’ whose expertise ensures the garden continues to produce quality produce and provides a learning as well as a social environment for the willing volunteers.

In addition to purchasing produce from its new self-service shop opposite the Sonachan Hotel, there are lots of ways people can be involved or support this community enterprise.

Whatever your ability, fitness or age and whether you are a resident or a visitor, there are tasks you can help with. There is a regular ‘Volunteer Afternoon’ every Wednesday from 2pm and you can join us for as much or as little time as you wish. Tasks can be adapted to suit your ability and interest including planting seeds, weeding, preparing beds, harvesting, and stocking the shop. Just turn up!

Rent A Plot:
If you live locally and want to grow your own vegetables or fruit we have a limited number of raised beds outside or inside the poly-tunnel for rent on an annual basis.

Vegetable Bags: 
The garden has a vegetable bag/box scheme which operates for approximately 8 months of the year from April to November. There are 2 sizes (£10 and £15) and the bags are delivered to the Community Centre in Kilchoan weekly for collection. Bags always contain staple vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and onions, as well as a variety of seasonal produce. If you are interested in ordering a Veg bag weekly or occasionally, please let us know.

Sponsor a Spade:
If you would like to support the garden but are not able to participate in other ways, why not ‘sponsor a spade’? There are leaflets available at the garden shop.

For further information on any aspect of the garden please contact the secretary, Dale on dalemeegan@yahoo.com

The Community Garden is a Community Interest Company called West Ardnamurchan Produce (WAPCIC)
Its objectives are:
• to establish a community garden for the growing of fresh local and organically produced produce for the people and visitors of West Ardnamurchan
• to encourage the people of West Ardnamurchan to grow their own food
• to promote other local produce and crafts
Membership of the WAPCIC is open to anyone who shares the objectives of the garden and is free.
For further information contact the Chair, Ritchie or Dale.

20 Mar 2013

Palm Sunday Service



Sunday 24th March
Palm Sunday

The service this Sunday will take place at 11.00am, and will be conducted by Rev. Fiona Ogg.

Acharacle GP Practice - News

Acharacle is to be joined with Mallaig and the Small Isles in an eight-doctor practice under Dr Iain Gartshore.  Read more here.

15 Mar 2013

Clare Holohan's Next Visit

Monday 15th April

Herbal Medicine, Massage & Aromatherapy

with Clare Holohan BSc (Hons), qualified Medical Herbalist, MassageThermapist and Clinical Aromatherapist

At Kilchoan UHI Learning Centre

Please phone 07903 922781 to book your appointment

13 Mar 2013

Sunday Service



Sunday 17th March

The service this Sunday will take place at 2.00pm, and will be conducted by Rev. Fiona Ogg.

7 Mar 2013

Sunday Service



Sunday 10th March

The service this Sunday will take place at 11.00am, and will be conducted by Rev. Fiona Ogg.

5 Mar 2013

Community Council Meeting

This is a personal comment on last night's meeting.

1.  Community Housing:

Blair Allan, chief executive of Lochaber Housing Association, came from Fort William to describe progress on the development of more community housing in Kilchoan.  His message was virtually the same as the last time he visited - Tabar na Biolar is to be sold, and the money invested in building two 2-bedroom houses on the plot opposite Kilchoan House Hotel.  There may be reasons for the long delay, but the need for local housing is urgent.

2.  The Parish Church:

Rev. Fiona Ogg briefed the meeting on the situation with the parish church.  The estimate for £105,000 to effect immediate repairs is a year old, and the situation may be even worse when proper investigation is made; and this takes no account of the internal refurbishments needed.  Running costs for the church are ~£50 a week, which the active parishioners can barely afford.  Grants are only available for church buildings which are multi-use, and to go down that avenue would put the church in competition with venues such as the Community Centre.  The option of selling the manse, which is, itself, in a deteriorating condition, to fund the repairs would still leave a considerable gap, and would not address ongoing costs.  One option is to sell the church and fund a place of worship in, for example, the Community Centre, another is to explore working with the Free Church, whose building is also in a deteriorating condition.  Other avenues are being explored.

28 questionnaires, from perhaps 20% of the resident population, were returned.  There will be an open day on 12th April in the church, at which everyone will be able to see the condition of the building and offer further comments on the way forward.

3.  NHS:

It was felt that Alex Neil's visit had gone well, and he had been impressed with the Emergency Responders.  However, funding for the ERs to continue beyond next month is still being sought - it is hoped that, if and when this is agreed, it will be for a reasonable period, so we don't have to fight for our ERs every year.  And while there has been steady improvement in the service the Community Nurses are giving, problems remain.  The Community Council is pursuing all these matters, but they need everyone's help.  In particular, if there is a problem with Community Nursing, please email NHS Highland's Chief Executive, Elaine Mead, at emead@nhs.net

All households should have received a flier from NHS Highland giving contact telephone numbers.  I, personally, don't think this is adequate.  In a time of change, what households, and visitors in particular, need is a guide to which services to access in different circumstances.

The long-promised 'evaluation' is now, belatedly, being started, but only for 999 response.  Right at the start of our problems, in December 2010, we asked for, and were promised, a full evaluation of the change in health service provision on the peninsula.  At this stage to choose just one area - coincidentally the one area that is working really well - is a joke.  An evaluation should look at provision before change, look at the success (or otherwise) of the process of change, and look at the outcome.  We need this to happen.

As a community we need to acknowledge a huge debt of gratitude to those on our Community Council who have worked so hard to preserve a decent NHS service on the peninsula, particularly Rosie, Jac and Davie.

4.  Kilchoan Playpark:

Anyone who has been to the Community Centre recently will have seen the progress that has been made.  The final funds from LEADER are awaited, Highland Council have to inspect it before insurance cover can be in place - and then there'll be a formal opening, probably on 25th May.

5 Clothes Bank:

Clothes put into the clothing container at the recycling point by the telephone exchange should - please - be bagged.

2 Mar 2013

Tonia Thain's Funeral

Tonia's funeral will take place at 11.00am on Tuesday 5th March in the Parish Church.  Following the interment at Kilchoan cemetery, Tony and Selena invite everyone to join them at a reception in Kilchoan Community Centre.