30 Jan 2013

Snaring Course

Many of you will already be aware that from 1 April this year, it is a legal requirement for all snares to have a serial number identifying their owner.  In order to get a serial number you need to have the new snaring certificate.  This is a one day training course with an assessment at the end.

I can organise this in Kilchoan via the Gamekeepers Association.  If it is arranged through the college it will cost £60, and I will make sure that it is eligible for ILA, so if your income is less than £22,000, your fee will be paid by ILA, provided your application is approved. 

The Gamekeepers Association will only come here if I have 20 people signed up to do the course, so please let me know as soon as possible if you want a place.  As soon as I know I have enough people I will organise a date for the course.

Please pass this information on to anybody else who you think might be interested in doing a snaring course in Kilchoan.


Pat Glenday
Rural Learning Manager - West Highland College UHI - Kilchoan
Colaiste na GĂ idhaeltachd an Iar OGE - Cille Chomhain

Work (Direct Dial) 01397 874260 Home 01972 510354

Sunday Service



Sunday 3rd February

The service this Sunday will take place at 2.00pm, and will be conducted by Rev. Fiona Ogg.

27 Jan 2013

Cabinet Secretary visit - Reminder

A reminder that Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing is visiting Kilchoan tomorrow (28th). Details of his visit can be found here:


25 Jan 2013

Ardnamurchan Book Club

Venue: West Highland College Building

Frequency : Once every six weeks

Day : Tuesday

Time : 5pm to 6pm

Cost : £1 ----- to include tea, biscuits and hall rental

Books: FREE

The book club has been meeting every six weeks for almost two years. The books are borrowed from the Highland Library (usually 10 copies of the same title are issued) and are delivered by the mobile library.

All we do is read one book in six weeks and meet to chat about it.

Come and join us.

If you would like a copy of the next book, Kate Atkinson "Started Early Took My Dog", come to our meeting on January 29th or telephone for more information on 510385.

23 Jan 2013

Judy Pote

Following the deeply saddening news of Judy's death, her funeral will take place at 1.00pm this Friday, 25th January, in the Ardnamurchan Parish Church.  Following the interment, the community is invited to the Kilchoan House Hotel.

Stewart Pote, who sent in this picture, writes,"attached is an image of my dear wife and best pal Judy who passed away on Monday the 21st January at 4.45pm."

Our deepest sympathies go out to Stewart, and to sons Miles, Andrew and Christian.

Sunday Service



Sunday 27th January

The service this Sunday will take place at 11.00am, and will be conducted by Rev. Fiona Ogg.

16 Jan 2013

Sunday Service



Sunday 20th January

The service this Sunday will take place at 11.00am, and will be conducted by Jean Whitton.

Alex Neil's Visit

Alex Neil, Minster for Health & Wellbeing, will attend a public meeting in Kilchoan Community Centre from 3.15pm to 4.15pm on Monday 28th January, all welcome.

There's a biographical note on him here.

Community Council minutes - January

Minutes from our January meeting are available here.

15 Jan 2013

The Cinema comes to Kilchoan

Take One Action Film Festivals and the Kilchoan Learning Centre present a screening of:

Chasing Ice
7pm Wednesday 27th February
Tickets £5, including glass of wine & popcorn
“A big screen phenomenon that simultaneously terrifies, astounds, entertains and educates” Chasing Ice is a breathtakingly beautiful documentary that charts the progress of National Geographic photographer James Balog’s quest to answer the question ‘how can one take a picture of climate change’ and in doing so brings to life the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) — a massive photography project that placed 30 cameras across three continents to gather visual evidence of the earth’s melting ice.
Winner best cinematography, Sundance 2012 & Audience Award SXSW

Production: Jeff Orlowski, USA 2012, 75 mins, Ages 10+

Places limited: to book your place contact Pat Glenday on 01397 874260 or Pat.Glenday@whc.uhi.ac.uk

Take One Action: celebrating the people and movies that are changing the world. Visit www.takeoneaction.org.uk for more information.

11 Jan 2013

Accordion Workshop

Would you like to take part in a weekend accordion workshop, to learn some new tunes and improve your skills?

Accordion tutor Sileas Sinclair has agreed to come up to Kilchoan for the weekend of 18th and 19th May to run a workshop. In order to cover the tutor’s costs, the fee for the whole weekend will be £50 for adults and £40 for children. The full weekend will be for people who are already learning to play or are experienced players, and there will be approximately 12 hours of tuition over the two days. The workshop will take place in the Kilchoan Learning Centre.

If there are beginners who want to have a go, a special, short session will be included for them, and the fee for this short session will be £10, no matter what age the participants are. There may be one or two accordions available locally for beginners to borrow, but people would have to arrange this themselves.

I need a minimum of 8 people signed up for the full weekend to be able to run this workshop.  Children are welcome provided they are 10 or over, and able to concentrate for the amounts of time that will be involved.

So, please get back to me before Friday 19 January if you would like to book a place, and let me know if you are booking for the whole weekend or the beginners’ session, for an adult or for a child.

Pat Glenday

Rural Learning Manager - West Highland College UHI - Kilchoan
Work (Direct Dial) 01397 874260, Home 01972 510354

10 Jan 2013

Sunday Service



Sunday 13th January

The service this Sunday will take place at 11.00am, and will be conducted by Rev. Fiona Ogg.

9 Jan 2013

Local Crofters' Meeting

Scottish Crofting Federation’s Patrick Krause will speak on The Crofting Register & Community Mapping and will give an update on CAP Reform.

Tuesday 15th January

Kilchoan Community Centre


Teas & coffees
All welcome

8 Jan 2013

Community Council Meeting

A Personal Comment:

Tributes were paid at last night's Community Council meeting to Geoffrey Borwick, one time chairman of WACC, and to Maggie MacKinnon, both of whom died recently.  The community's thoughts are also with the Ferguson family, who lost their house in a fire on January 2nd despite a rapid response from Kilchoan fire team.  The community's good wishes went to Katie Bryson and Graeme Stafford on the birth of Gracie Jane, and congratulations were extended to community councillor Jessie Colquhoun, MBE.

Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, is due to visit the peninsula on Monday January 28th to fulfill Nicola Sturgeon's promise that she would visit us to see how medical services are being delivered.  It seems that the programme is little different from the one proposed for her visit back in September - most of Alex Neil's time will be spent in Strontian and Acharacle, and he will only be in Kilchoan for a short time during the afternoon, during which he will see a presentation on the Emergency Responders before moving to the Community Centre.  WACC wants a public meeting, but quite what will happen isn't yet clear.

WACC is in a difficult position.  Our situation has improved out of all recognition compared to a year ago, when there was no emergency cover at all other than the Strontian ambulance.  The Emergency Responders have now dealt with almost forty call-outs, and the general feeling towards this experiment is very positive - BUT funding runs out in March.  While we have had assurances from the Scottish Ambulance Service that the ERs will continue - a fifth is due to start training in February - we need to receive cast-iron guarantees that the money will be found and, if possible, the service expanded.  For example, there is talk of medical tele-conferencing (if that is the right term) so that, for example, the Emergency Responders can discuss an urgent case with a consultant in A&E in Aberdeen, and he/she can see the patient.  The community nursing service is working much better, but there are still gaps, the main one being for those cases where a 999 call is not perceived to be appropriate, yet on-site medical care is required.  Our experience of NHS24 continues to be dismal, with the result that we do not seem to be getting the response from the locums which we used to have when we had local GPs.  So WACC has to give credit where it is due but, at the same time, press for further improvements and guarantees for the future - all this in difficult financial times.

We were fortunate in having two Highland Councillors at the meeting - Andrew Baxter and Thomas MacLennan - and we know we can rely on their support in pressing NHSH and SAS for further improvements.  But dealing with NHS officials is always difficult.  Two examples were given.  Firstly, we were promised a thorough and ongoing evaluation of the ER 'experiment'.  Jessie Colquhoun is our representative on this group and she reported that it had not met.  Another example is the leaflet which we have been promised which outlines what services people can call on in what circumstances.  WACC requested it over two months ago, but it has still not arrived in homes.  In part this may be because NHSH and the SAS are still talking, for example about who will pay for the ERs to attend minor injuries, for which they will need further training.

There is also the uncertainty caused by the long wait for new GPs, though the news here is good: the closing date for bids from doctors who want to take over the practice was yesterday, and NHSH is pleased with the large number received.  These now have to be processed, and interviews carried out.  Another point raised was the difficulty in accessing prescriptions in Acharacle, not that pick-up times have been severely restricted.  In Kilchoan the present system just about works, but only because people are allowed to collect other people's prescriptions.

Other matters discussed included the Kilchoan Playpark, where full funding is now in place and planning signed off, so it should be opened formally in May.  It was pointed out that we have had some 200 power outages in the last seven years.  WACC will be monitoring the success of the recent tree felling in the Estate plantation to see if this improves things.  Road salt is being made available to volunteers by Highland Council Transport Services.  It will be stored beside the road.  Anyone wanting some for their area should contact Ian Ramon.  Highland Council is also anxious to devolve some of its services to local contractors - the Secretary has details - contact Jac on wacckilchoan@yahoo.co.uk.  There was a complaint about the state of the Ormsaigbeg road.

PC Andy Irvine warned that heating oil has been stolen from a property in the area, and that thieves are now more active in rural areas.  He urged householders to improve security.  He also warned that Northern Constabulary is carrying out speed checks in the area, particularly in the 20mph limit around the school.  On a related matter, Highlands & Island Fire and Rescue are aware of increased concern about fire safety following the Sonachan incident, and are available to give advice to householders - see their website at http://www.hifrs.org/FireSafetyCheck

There will be no WACC meeting in February.

7 Jan 2013

Clare Holohan Returns

Monday 21st January

Herbal Medicine, Massage & Aromatherapy

with Clare Holohan BSc (Hons) qualified Medical Herbalist, Massage Therapist and Clinical Aromatherapist

At Kilchoan UHI Learning Centre

Herbal medicine:
Initial consultation £38
Follow up visits £25

Massage & Aromatherapy:
1 hour treatment £38
1/2 hour treatment £20

Please phone 07903 922781 to book your appointment or contact me through www.westhighlandherbal.co.uk or clareholohan@hotmail.co.uk

5 Jan 2013

Sunday Service



Sunday 6th January

The service this Sunday will take place at 2.00pm, and will be conducted by Rev. Fiona Ogg.